Hello everybody and welcome to the most awesome, most terriffic, and most rockin' band website on the web! Also, make sure to like us on facebook by the like button under the earphones! :DDD

Who we are

We are awesome!!! Just kidding. We are awesome though.
Anyways, I'm Austen, and my fellow band mates are Emily, Madeleine, and Zoe. We are a band!
What we (will) do

When we are famous, we will go to lots of concerts, be on tons of radios, be intervewed about everyday, and donate money to causes and shelters. We will be good!!!! 

The Devil's Halo
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Ok, I will allow us to have the blog again, but don't ruin it this time! :)

Welcome Back!
Hi guys! Me, Pandora, here.

I've decided that the blog will be given to you guys again. But remember the rules:

1.Don't be mean. Be respectful to everyone.

2.No cussing. Absolutely not.

3.Have fun!

Over and out,